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Newbie Corner

  1. Am I a N00b?

    Unless you have joined this site, you most certainly are a n00b.

  2. How do I stop being a n00b?

    Join this site.

  3. How do I join?

    Press the "register" button and follow the instructions.

  4. Help! Whenever I hover over text, I get an error!

    Do what the error says. Join the site.

  5. Do I HAVE to join the site to get rid of the pop-up?

    Who said anything about the pop-up going away when you joined?

    Anyway, yes.

  6. How do I post something in the forums?

    You press the +Post Reply button. Duh.

  7. How do I make a new thread in the forums?

    You press the +New Topic button. Double duh.

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General Questions

  1. What's the Bobo Club, anyway?

    • The Bobo Club is a club.
    • It is sponsored by Bobo.
    • It is against Bobi(s).
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